The WSIB's 2018 2nd quarter report and the Board's use of the administrative bog

November 13, 2018

The WSIB's 2nd quarter report has some interesting numbers. The "sufficiency ratio" at the end of June was 102%- in other words, the ratio of assets to expected future liabilities is 1.02. However, the number of lost time claims in Schedule 1 industries was up 16% in the second quarter of 2018 over the second quarter of 2017 and claims duration was up significantly. This makes the WSIB's recent decision to give the unfunded liability retirement benefit entirely to employers, not only unfair, but also reckless.

One classic approach for dealing with the "problem" of increasing claim duration is the use of administrative bog to control it. There is a new twist to this time-honoured Board benefit control strategy. In July, the WSIB re-organized administratively. As part of the re-organization, workers whose benefits are terminated will find themselves without an assigned Case Manager. If the worker objects, the objection will find its way into a queue to be "triaged". It takes weeks until an actual (new) Case Manager is assigned from a pool for the objection, and weeks after the assignment for the new Case Manager to review the materials and address the objection. In simple terms, Case Managers are provided incentive for hit and run adjudication, with the fallout being addressed by some nameless person from the pool.

A link to the 2018 2nd quarter report can be found here (