WSIAT 2018 annual report highlights

August 21, 2019

The WSIAT released its 2018 annual report, accessible on its website. The highlights of the report include:

1. Incoming caseload numbers continued its decline to 2,890, and are now below 2008 levels. The active caseload in 2018 at 4,081 is comparable to the active caseload in 2008. (pp. 56-57 of the Report)
2. Total dispositions in 2018 were 5,169 (page 58 of the Report)
3. The Tribunal is aiming for a turnaround time of 1 year, which will require increased use of technology beginning with electronic filing of appeals. (page 8 of the Report)

There is a helpful list of reappointments, new appointments, senior staff and medical counsellours at pp. 68-69 of the Report.