COVID 19- August 2020 update

August 31, 2020

The offices of Gary Newhouse and Michael Green are closed to the public. We remain available for consultation by e-mail, telephone or video conference.

The offices of the WSIB remain closed but communications are continuing by letter and telephone with decision-makers. The Board's document upload tool is very useful in ensuring that communications arrive at the Board quickly, and the Board now offers digital access to files by pdf sent by e-mail. This is also helpful. The WSIB Appeals Branch is not conducting oral hearings, but will make decisions on cases that it decides based on written submissions or in some cases, by way of video conferencing.

The WSIAT is not conducting oral hearings, but is dealing with appeals that can be heard in writing and will hear appeals by way of video conference. The Tribunal has opened 1 large hearing room for a few in-person hearings to take place with physical distancing maintained. Alternate dispute resolution also remains an option.