Claims denial rate up, while fatality and critical injury rate constant since 2004

October 22, 2015

The WSIB often alleges that fewer accidents are occurring because of improved health and safety programs, and points to the fact that it has allowed fewer claims.  But, is that a reflection of fewer accidents or more accident claims being denied due to administrative decision of the WSIB?  One important objective piece of evidence is the fatality and critically injured rate.  It is harder to hide the dead or critically injured worker than the less seriously injured one.  According to a survey commissioned by the Ministry of Labour, the claims allowed rate fell from just under 2% of employed workers in 2004 to just over 1% in 2013 while the number of fatalities and critically injured workers per year was essentially the same (Market Metrics and Service Delivery System, Prism Consulting, Summary, p. 17). 

In short, the same number of accidents per employed workers, but fewer allowed claims by the WSIB.  It has been one element of the transfer of responsibility for the cost of workplace injuries from employers to workers over the past decade.